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A Lifetime of Memories

Thank you so much to my wonderful client Carolyn for sharing her story!

"I began buying some diamond jewelry while I worked during the 1990s. I also often wore a small gold heart on a fine gold chain. Many of those pieces sat unworn in recent years.

Following my retirement in 2003, I began assisting with life chores for my Mom, some other elderly relatives and my dear friend who was my babysitter during the 1950s. My babysitter passed away in 2009. Her husband asked me to deal with her personal possessions because he was in poor health. He came to me one day with a lovely diamond ring and asked if I would accept it. He had purchased the ring for his wife in the 1960s. She wore it but a few days until someone told her the diamond was flawed. She put the ring away and never wore it again. I brought the ring home and put it away thinking someday I would wear it. As it turns out, Stacey assessed all of my accumulated diamonds to be of quite good quality.

I moved in with my Mom to care for her the last six months of her life. She died in 2011, and she had given her diamond ring to me. I put it away with my babysitter’s ring, thinking of that jewelry only occasionally over the last ten years. Then my cousin shared a Facebook post about Stacey and her beautiful jewelry design business. The lightbulb went off that this was the person who could create a unique ring for me of my prized inheritances.

I made an appointment with Stacey, gathered up my diamond rings and that little gold heart I had worn as a necklace and off I went to work with Her. You can see here the fabulous one-of-a-kind white gold ring Stacey designed and created for me. The top of the gold heart touches my Mom’s diamond so that I will always know just which diamond was hers. When I met with Stacey to approve the final design, its true sentimental beauty made we well up with tears.

It was incredibly easy working with Stacey. She immediately zoomed in on how important this ring would be to me. She is a true artist. I can’t say enough good things about her and the quality of her work."

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