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A Dynamic Cascading Family Pendant

Janet and I were able to design a necklace that symbolizes her twin sons and six grandchildren in a collage style necklace as dynamic as her personality. I have a suspicion those grandchildren are getting lots of spoiling!

“When my mother passed away I inherited her engagement ring. I thought the ring was pretty but knew I wouldn't wear it as a ring so I thought I would like to reuse the diamond some other way. I also had my engagement ring and two diamond anniversary rings that I was no longer wearing so I thought I would like to use the diamonds in either a necklace or a bracelet."

"After consulting with Stacey and looking at various designs, we settled on the cascading pendant necklace. The two larger diamonds represent my twin sons, and the 6 smaller diamonds represent my 6 grandchildren. I thought this was a beautiful way to show off the diamonds, have meaning in the necklace and something I would wear.”

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