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A Deep Connection with Nature

Amye's rings have become two of the most unique and stunning pieces of the year, I am grateful to her for sharing her story.

"I love experiencing the world around me, I remember being asked by adults when I was little, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" My answer was always " A Horse!"

Because as a little child, it seemed perfectly plausible to me, I always wanted to run like the wind and be big and strong! I would climb the fence of our neighbors' farm and chat with the retired plow horses for hours, I knew I was one of them. I often played in the huge meadow behind my childhood home jumping off rocks pretending I could fly, or roll down the hill loving the dizzy feeling at the bottom of the hill. These experiences gave me a bond with nature and I never have lost that love.

Fast forward in time... I have studied plants and crystals and created a shop that features my love of nature through those kingdoms (plants and crystals). I am not only a lover of them, but I find them to have their own wisdom and magic. I have studied Plant and Stone Medicine for years, and from ancient masters. In fact, my need to experience and explore the crystals is so strong, that when I dress for the day, I choose a crystal or jewelry with crystals first, and then find the clothes that match to wear. When I shop for clothes, the crystal to match is not far from my mind. I start by thinking... today I am wearing Lapis, or I feel Smoky Quartz today, or I need Citrine to help me through and choose a yellow outfit to compliment it. 

I had a few crystals that needed a jewelry setting, and I was referred to Stacey by a dear friend. My friend said that Stacey understood the connection to nature, and that I would love working with her. So I booked an appointment. I brought with me my treasures. I wanted a ring for a coppery Sunstone that was shy and needed a setting that reflected its brilliance. I say shy because as you turned the crystal in your hand, the copper orange shifted from different hues of orange and gold. It was not consistent in its color. It is shy. I felt that rose gold would match perfectly. Stacey suggested that the Sunstone would be slightly lifted up in what is called a 'basket' so that the stone was held perfectly... and it is!

The other ring I wanted Stacey to create would feature a green blue Tourmaline and 2 red Beryls. The green blue Tourmaline is stunning in its color and clarity. I have an acquaintance who actually cut this stone and created its look. I had gotten the 2 red Beryls from another acquaintance whom I also trusted. Red Beryls (Bixbite) are rare and very expensive, I wanted them to keep their 'royal-ness' without being lofty. I wanted the ring to reflect my love of nature and honor the crystals as well. Stacey instinctively sensed this because I never really spoke to her about how I felt about the stones I was bringing her. I think she just allowed the crystals to help her create the design, because that is exactly what she did. The ring reminds me of a crown a woodland or meadow being would wear. To me it is royal and emanates value and dignity.

Now the teacher in me must say one more thing....all crystals when x-rayed with an atomic microscope reveal a pattern of the molecular placement. Beautiful geometric patterns will be seen. The pattern of the red Beryl is the same exact pattern of the flower of life. To me, this means that the Beryls have a unique connection to the origins of life, and carry with them that understanding of that energy. How spectacular is that!!

My 'Stacey rings' are a joy for me to wear. I appreciated the artistry she put into the rings, and I feel as if I gained a new friend whom I can also treasure."



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