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14 Granddaughters

"My parents came from very humble beginnings. They married just before he headed off to WW2, by the time the war ended the 3rd child was on the way. Seven more children followed, needless to say, there were no family vacations or grand expenditures. He adored her and they put family first for their 50 years together, focusing on the wellbeing and security of their children and 24 grandchildren, including 14 granddaughters.

My mother wore little jewelry, but over the years he had given her a couple of beautiful pieces. He wasn't a shopper; working 6 days a week, but he trusted others to pick out pieces for him to give her. For their 45th anniversary, he purchased a gorgeous diamond tennis bracelet, and one of the granddaughters, then 6 or 7, remembered vividly how it sparkled and how Grandma "must be a queen". It was only worn on a rare special occasion, but she treasured the bracelet, and the little girls remember ogling it.

My mother gifted me the bracelet before she passed 24 years ago. My daughter is grandchild #25, born after both of them passed on. She and I agreed that while the bracelet is a treasure, she wouldn't appreciate it as much as some of the others. I had seen Stacey's work and had been waiting for the perfect project for it was!

How do you split 38 diamonds between 14 granddaughters?
10 pendants and 4 pairs of earrings!

I was so excited to share the finished projects, but because of the pandemic and long distance, most were shipped, including a picture of my parents and the original bracelet. It was a teary week as the pictures, texts, and calls poured in. One of the girls told me that she had wept for hours, having blocked the grief of having to move to Texas as a child in a divorce 30 years ago... this reminded her that the connection was never really lost. Another of the recipients said it was like my parents directed this gift themselves.

I can't thank you enough, Stacey. You are gifted and have facilitated the most wonderful surprises ever!"

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