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Long Distance Projects

The Virtual Custom Design Process

How Do I work with InBloom If I don’t live near the gallery?

Modern Tools. Traditional Techniques.

Tools like video messaging, virtual meetings, and 3D digital renderings allow you to be part of the entire process no matter where you live. Our design team eliminates the unknown by communicating digitally every step of the way.

Here’s how the process works:
  1. Package any existing jewelry you want to recycle and/or incorporate into your project

2. Use our pre-paid and pre-insured shipping label to securely send your valuable pieces to our gallery and workshop in Frederick, MD.

3. Meet with our design team virtually to combine your jewelry dreams with our process. We’ll land on a design concept and estimated cost and assess heirlooms to be recycled and refined.

4. Start designing your custom piece. Here’s where it gets fun! As our team gets to work, your designs may be sketched, rendered in 3D with our CAD software, or built as a model in wax, resin, or metal.

5. Meet with the team virtually to review the design together. At this time, we’ll make any final edits and begin production. If needed, we can even send you a resin model to try on by mail.

6. Receive your beautiful new jewelry piece in the mail, wear and enjoy!

We are always happy to help with any of your jewelry needs.

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