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How Does a Diamond Shine?

Choosing a Diamond Setting & Understanding How Setting Affects the Sparkle of Your Diamond

Will My Diamond Lose Its Sparkle in a Different Setting?

Light reflection is at the center of a diamond's sparkle. How well a diamond transmits light determines how sparkly it will look to the naked eye.

The diamond's cut is the most significant factor in optimizing light transmission. Many people think of cut as the shape of the stone, i.e., round, oval, or square, but cut refers to the measurements and precision of the stone's facets.

The GIA diamond cut scale for standard round brilliant diamonds contains five grades ranging from excellent to poor. A very good or excellent cut will ensure that your gem will have all the iconic brilliance we associate with diamonds.

Will the Setting Stop My Diamond From Sparkling?

Many of our designs feature a bezel setting (shown here) for the gemstones, and we commonly get the comment, "But won't that make my diamond less sparkly? 

Because a diamond's sparkle comes from light entering the top and reflecting, the setting should not affect how much your diamond sparkles. A bezel setting, one where a custom-fit metal rim surrounds the stone, has many advantages making them an excellent choice for your custom project. You won't lose any of the sparkle you dream of seeing on your finger with a well-cut stone.

Advantages of Bezel Settings:
  • Although bezel settings can be found on some of the oldest rings known to history, they are often considered newer and have a sleek, modern look.

  • They provide excellent security for your stone, protecting the delicate edges susceptible to chips and fractures.

  • They won't snag or get caught on clothing or linens and generally have a lower, smoother profile making bezels an excellent choice for active lifestyles or those with hands-on careers.

  • Bezels don't wear away as quickly as prongs preventing the need for costly prong re-tipping and repairs.

  • They are easier to clean; without prongs or intricate settings, there are fewer nooks and crannies where dirt can collect.

We are always happy to help with any of your jewelry needs.

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