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Memorial Pendants

For many custom projects, we take stones out of their original settings, refine the metal and create new beautiful pieces. However, on occasion, the original settings are too sentimental to be taken apart. In these situations repurposing the pieces into a new form is our best path forward.

Stacey had an idea for creating an ascending diamond design, and the client's diamonds were the perfect fit to create the shape in the center of the wedding band.

This ring was our client's original engagement ring. It had been repaired so many times that it was no longer repairable. However, it was very important to her, and she wanted to continue wearing it. We kept the ring intact and moved the diamond setting on top to create the centerpiece of her new pendant.

Laura is a local artist, friend, and also a longtime client. She was interested in a design that would intertwine her parent’s wedding bands. We added her birthstone, a ruby she had from other inherited jewelry, and double-looped the chains to avoid soldering or altering the wedding bands.

The beautiful texture of the second band tells the story of the woman who wore this wedding set. The set belonged to our client's grandmother, who wore her diamond eternity band until all the diamonds fell out and still refused to take it off! The top band was the original engagement ring with a three-stone emerald cut setting. We reset her engagement diamonds to complete the pendant design.

This was a very special project we did for a woman who was divorced. She wanted to honor her relationship and gift their daughter with a pendant created from their wedding set. We created a single solid pendant with his and her wedding bands by cutting and soldering one into the other so they lay flat. The original engagement diamond rests at the center, encompassing all the pieces of the ring set.

We are always happy to help with any of your jewelry needs.

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