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Memorial Jewelry Guide

A memorial piece allows you to honor someone close to you by resetting stones and “recycling” settings and elements in a new jewelry piece. Occasionally, our client’s original settings are too sentimental to be taken apart. In these situations, we can create a memorial piece using the original settings in a new form.

For this memorial ring, we cut her late husband’s yellow gold band in half and used it to create the border around her engagement solitaire, now worn in honor of their relationship.

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There are many creative ways to incorporate treasured pieces into your new design. This client wanted to redesign her wedding ring. As a special tribute to her late grandfather; we took a part of his wedding band and soldered it to the back of her new ring. Depending on the condition of the piece, the type of metal, and the design details, we can incorporate elements of the original piece in a way that blends new and old.

Let’s Start A Conversation

The best way to get started is to let us know what you have and what you envision for your unique piece. Can you picture exactly how it looks in your mind, or maybe you want to make something special, but you don’t know what?

We Meet You Where You Are

The possibilities are endless, and there is always a solution when we collaborate. Some of our more straightforward memorial projects where we are converting a ring into a pendant can be under $1000, while total custom-designed memorial pieces can be $5000+

Both parents’ weddings are now intertwined with our client’s birthstone set in the middle of this very special memorial pendant. This design allows both wedding bands to remain completely intact, a detail that was very important to Laura.

We are always happy to help with any of your jewelry needs.

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