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Why Costa Rica is their happy place

Patricia has a beautiful family that knows how to celebrate life. She describes our project best:

“In 2005, Jon and I were married on a beach in Costa Rica… it was beautiful, romantic, and just so SO lovely… we decided then, that once we had kids we would bring them back to share it with them also. So for our 15 year anniversary, we decided it was time! What better way to celebrate 15 years of love and life together than with our family that we created together, back at the spot where we started it all. And not just a celebration, but a renewal, one that included our children.

We even got in touch with our original officiant and he was touched and honored to perform our vow renewal...But I needed a RING! Fortunately I had these beautiful pink stones that my husband had gifted to me early in our marriage. PINK is my favorite color and I even have pink stones in my wedding band. The stones had been sitting in my jewelry box untouched for years… I thought it would be extra special to use them."

"I had heard about Stacey and InBloom from several local friends who raved about her work. I reached out to her and she was more than happy to help me set the stones in a ring. She went beyond that - she recommended that we do it in a way that would represent our love and our family, and helped us design it.

We chose the two larger pink stones to represent Jon and I. Then we chose three smaller stones for our children (Oden, Shai, and Juliet). We chose a champagne diamond for Oscar, our son that was born sleeping."

“The ring turned out more beautiful than I could’ve expected and it means so much to me that Stacey was able to incorporate every aspect of our love into it.”


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