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That Really Hip, Good-Looking Couple

I first met Pam and Terri when they reached out through their local blog Housewives of Frederick County. Pam came and interviewed me and we started discussing a project. I ended up working both of them to create similar, yet unique (they are twins) memory pieces in honor of their parents. Their love for each other, and their Mom and Dad is overflowing.

“Our Mom & Dad, Carmen & Louis were that really hip, good looking couple in the 50's who everybody wanted to be around. With their fun-loving sense of humor, you could always count on a great time! They raised our family - first 2 boys and then us, identical twin girls, in a home full of nurturing love and security. We will forever cherish the great memories! Although they eventually divorced, our Mom & Dad were each a constant presence of strength and unwavering support. We always felt fiercely loved, knowing we had each of them as our biggest fans."

  "So when our Dad passed away in 2016 and then our Mom passed away less than 2 years later, Terri and I both desperately yearned to have something unique & special to commemorate them. We're so thankful that we crossed paths with Stacey Krantz at InBloom Jewelry. As soon as we walked into her studio and gave her an idea of what we wanted, she immediately got her pencil and paper out and began to draw our designs out. Using some gemstones and metals from our Mom's jewelry, Stacey created for each of us a gorgeous pendant with symbols representing our Mom & Dad."

"Terri's pendant has cherry blossoms & turquoise, two things our Mom loved, and the feather represents our Dad. Pam's pendant has each of our parent's birthstones as well as a flower and wings. Both pendants have our parents handwriting engraved on them. Our pendants are different, but the meaning behind both of them is the same - the foundation of love that Carmen & Louis built for us that will forever be in our hearts and now ON our hearts ❤️

Thank you Stacey!“

 Check out Pam and Terri's awesome local blog Here:

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