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Holding Family Close

Robyn had such a lovely solution to the fact that 4 of her 5 children were born in the same month so she simply asked them their favorite color. This allowed for the variety of gemstones she wanted, and we were able to get one little diamond per grandchild as well. 19 stones in total!

“Since 4 of my five kids share the same birth month I decided I did not want a repetition of the same stone. So I decided to ask each one to choose a stone that they liked, from a picture list that Stacey provided me. Then I chose one more for the baby I lost in 1992."

"Stacey put together a lovely idea for the ring...I had commented to her that I wished I could include my 13 grandchildren- to my surprise, she said I could! I had enough small diamonds from my scrap metal I’d turned in, for her to add a diamond for each grandchild, next to their parents stone on the design...I love and cherish this ring, and at this particular time in history, I feel like I have my beloved family close to me always.“

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