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Diamonds From Our Grandmothers

"As soon as we realized this was something serious - which was probably way too early - Jacob's mom let us know that her mother had left him her engagement ring. Jacob's maternal grandmother passed away the summer before he started college, and having her stone integrated into our engagement ring is a heartwarming way to have her with us even though she is gone. "

"When Jacob realized the stone had been set into a necklace, we took the opportunity to work with InBloom to build something more my style. It was important to us that the ring, like everything else in our relationship, was a combination of our two families; we are so glad we were able to incorporate elements from my family as well.

Stacey and I were immediately on the same page in later discussions. We had a blast collaborating with and bouncing ideas off of the InBloom team. I have a keen eye for art and design, and Stacey was receptive to my ideas and did a beautiful job making the rings feel both vintage and modern.

When I spoke with my grandmother, she produced a teeny bag of diamonds and insisted we include them in the ring.

During our first meeting, which was essentially a furious brainstorming session, Mary and I fleshed out an idea very close to the final product.

The entire team at InBloom was so warm and welcoming; when we picked up the rings they even added bumps to the inside while we waited so that the engagement ring fit more comfortably. We have already discussed future collaborations we will have with the team.

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