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What's an Appraisal, Do I Need One?

Appraisals: What Exactly Is an Appraisal, and Do I Need One?


An appraisal is more than just a receipt for your piece. InBloom Jewelry appraisals are detailed legal documents that describe your jewelry to determine and state its monetary value for the purpose of insuring it against loss or damage. Our certified gemologist will examine your item to define and document factors such as precious metal content, gemstone type and quality, and craftsmanship. They will also value the item based on market trends, current metal prices, branding (if applicable), and gemstone market values.


Here's Why Your Jewelry Needs a Full and Current Appraisal:


The only thing worse than losing a piece of your jewelry is not having the documentation required to properly replace it. An appraisal is required for you to receive the appropriate value of the item from your insurance company. Share your appraisals with your insurance agent, who will help you determine how best to insure them against loss and/or accidental damage. Without an appraisal, the insurance company may default to base values or monetary limits, which may not reflect the true value.


Estate Planning and Other Legal Matters

Whether planning for the future or sorting out the past, estate planning is a difficult process. Having each of your jewelry items appraised will give you peace of mind that this process will go as smoothly as possible, helping prevent both legal and familial issues from arising.


Proof of Ownership

A jewelry appraisal substantiates proof of ownership in the event your jewelry is ever stolen and recovered by police. Without proper proof of ownership, it can sometimes be difficult to dispute if the piece was yours to begin with.


Appraisals Are Affordable

InBloom Jewelry charges just $150 for an appraisal, which is a small price to pay for both knowledge and peace of mind. You can think of the appraisal cost as a type of warranty you might purchase for a high-ticket item. It’s a one-time cost whose value goes a long way.


Continuous Peace of Mind

Due to price fluctuations and other factors, ensuring your appraisals are current is paramount (recommended to be done every 2-3 years). For a small fee, InBloom Jewelry will update your appraisals so that you can relax knowing that you and your items are fully covered.


Our dedicated and expert team is ready to help you assess and protect the value of your jewelry.

Stop by our shop or click here to schedule an appraisal. 

We are always happy to help with any of your jewelry needs.

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